Knowledge is Freedom

Texas Christian University

Building a platform for the Academy of Tomorrow.

The Academy of Tomorrow is a visionary initiative at Texas Christian University that focuses on the “ideal academic environment of learning, intellectual exchange, and the creation of ideas.” Relative Scale was tasked with creating a platform that helps fulfill this vision through playful interaction and issues-based exploration of major themes that define our world: water, energy, food, and time.

The Knowledge is Freedom media experience is a multi-screen interactive wall in the lobby of Rees-Jones Hall. The lobby is a high-traffic area, as students pass through it on their way to and from class. It’s also a destination, providing a space for students to relax, study, or just have a conversation.

The media experience was designed to be accommodative and accessible to this busy college student lifestyle. With content presented at the primary level, barriers to engagement are low and even a single touch can effect change on the wall and provide a rewarding experience.

Students discover interesting facts, answer multiple-choice questions, and participate in polls. The content is database-driven, utilizing a tagging architecture that allows for open-ended exploration across themes. Each entry is intentionally brief and easily consumable. The Content Management System (CMS) also features an analytics module to help administrators track media engagement.


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