Pratt School of Engineering

Duke University

An anamorphic illusion and a multimodal content delivery system for sharing on-brand stories and information with building guests.

Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering is a teaching and research institution dedicated to “educating the next generation of engineering leaders and pursuing research in high-impact fields to address the world's grand challenges.” In 2021 the School moved into its new home in the Wilkinson Building, where three research neighborhoods provide a collaborative space for advances in health, computing, and the environment.

Relative Scale was tasked with creating a content delivery system for two media walls in the building that showcase the Pratt brand and provide real-time scheduling information to building guests.

The Main Entrance media wall helps anchor the space and orient guests when they enter the building, and a 90-degree turn in the display provides unique opportunities for content presentation and 3D graphic environments. The program features three fully customizable modes for content administrators.

In Background Mode, the media wall showcases beautiful and iconic imagery of the school, with photographs and videos that evoke pride in the Duke University experience.

When the media wall transitions to Narrative Mode, the 90-degree turn is utilized to create the anamorphic illusion of a 3D stage, with trusses that support the stage walls and complement the scene with thematic images. This mode is story-driven and features thematic content that shares quotes, narrative text, statistics, images, and videos.

Information Mode presents transactional information and announcements from select RSS feeds. The Content Management System also supports a second media wall in the building in the Engineering Entrepreneurship space.

Project Team

AV Integration:

KONTEK Systems