Welcome to Sussex Campus

Bayhealth Hospital

Activating a hospital lobby with interactive storytelling.

Bayhealth is Southern Delaware’s leading healthcare provider, offering a broad range of medical services related to cardiovascular, cancer, pediatrics, respiratory care, and more. Bayhealth Milford Memorial Hospital, a cornerstone of Delaware healthcare for nearly a century, recently closed its doors so that a new chapter could begin with the state-of-the-art Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus. Relative Scale was tasked with creating a six-screen interactive wall that welcomes visitors to this new facility and engages them with stories, physician profiles, and hospital directory information.

The Welcome to Sussex Campus media experience complements the coastal-inspired architecture and interior design of the hospital. An abstract, three-dimensional oceanic motif extends across the interactive canvas, and guests tap on different types and colors of shells to discover new content.

The media experience is designed to serve a broad audience including patients, their family members and loved ones, and Bayhealth Hospital staff. The program features curated stories about the hospital’s rich history, its many satisfied patients, philanthropic donors, and award-winning team members.

Guests can also search the directory to find a physician, watch short profile videos about them, and learn where they practice. And in recognition of the hospital’s ongoing spirit of compassion, guests can use their finger to draw a heart that dynamically blends into the motif, leaving their own mark on the media.

The application is supported by a Content Management System (CMS) that also features an analytics module to help administrators track media engagement.


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