Regents Hall

Georgetown University

Integrating donor recognition with wayfinding for students and visitors.

Georgetown University needed media solutions to honor the Board of Regents and other Regents Hall building donors, orient students and other visitors to the building, and complement the look and feel of the building’s science-themed environmental graphics. Relative Scale created two interactive experiences for this facility.

Regents Hall is home to the science departments on the main campus of Georgetown University. The Regents Media Wall is a digital tribute to the Board of Regents—the individuals who serve as ambassadors to the University.

The interactive experience recognizes all Regents with photographs and biographical information, and an adjacent six-screen media wall features animated 3D presentations of the names of all 200 Regents.

georgetown 7_sm
georgetown 3_sm

The Wayfinding interactives allow students and other visitors to find donor recognition areas, faculty offices, classrooms, labs, conference rooms, student lounges and other locations in Regents Hall.

Visitors browse or search for content by name or location, which are then highlighted on the animating on-screen building floor plan map.

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